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Registered Business Established 2003
Peter Pickering  153 Moore St Ararat 3377 Victoria  Ph 0353 523202  Mobile  0419 523205  ABN 93735503922
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Thank you for visiting Peters Pix and your interest in becoming a better photographer. I am a professional photographer successfully operating my own photo business who holds a Workplace
Trainers Certificate through the Hawthorn Institute of Technology.  I am offering you the benefits of my knowledge and experience through a series of training modules that will improve your
understanding of your own camera and how to take better photographs. At the completion of a module I will ask you to submit your five best photos to me via email for assessment and further guidance to help you. I strongly recommend that you take the course in the sequence offered as each module builds on what you have previously learnt. You are however free to undertake any module as a one off to meet your particular needs. I have professional cameras available for you to try after you have attained the basics with your own equipment. There is no minimum standard and I will happily teach a student with a $200 point and shoot or a $20000 medium format - the principles are the same

Module 1 - Cameras and Light
Module 2 - Working Outside
Module 3 - Studio and Flash Photography - Part 1 Static figures
The basics are covered here to help you understand your own camera and how to use it for the best results. You will learn how to best use available light, correct framing and how to determine if you are taking "good" photos. The difference between fully automatic or manual camera operation is discussed and the relationship between film speed, aperture and shutter speed explained. You will overcome the three most common camera problems ie
1. My photos are always dark
2. All my photos look the same, they are boring
3. Why are my photos out of focus and blurrred, particularly at night
In this section we will travel to a photo location and you will receive practical instruction on what to look for to make your photos stand out. The main components explored will be the use
of interesting backgrounds, camera position and depth of field. Locations are within five minutes of Ararat and do not involve any strenuous activity
The most difficult module but very rewarding as you learn when to use flash and just as importantly when not to use it. You will be working in my studio equiped with professional lighting and using conventional and chroma key backgrounds ( commonly referred to as green screen photography ). Various props are available to photograph as you discover how correct lighting dramatically alters your final photograph
Module 3 - Studio and Flash Photography - Part 2  People
Take what you have learned and apply it to photographing people. You now have the skills to produce results that will make your subject and yourself very happy. Models are available at $50 per hour or you may supply your own if you have a willing family member or friend. I will explain correct posing techniques, how to get the best out of your subject and what to look for when photographing people. You will complete this module confidant that you can take a quality professional photograph.
Cost - All modules are $45 each for a one hour individual session. Corporate rates are a flat fee of $80 per hour for up to six students.
If you are interested please email me to discuss your requirements and make an appointment
Additional Modules available  Processing your Photos , Sports Photography